Do you want to build smoother, more authentic relationships with your loved ones?

Communication seems like the kind of thing that you’d expect to just work, not the kind of thing that you need to learn or practice. In relationships, we often feel like our partners will, you know, just understand us. Problems come up, and we’re flabbergasted! What’s wrong? Why do we end up arguing all the time?

We know what that’s like; we’ve been there.

The bad news: Communication is a complex and multi-step process, and in any single step things can go horribly, horribly wrong and cause all manner of problems.

The good news: These problems are completely solvable!

From the simplest and most common blunders to handling conflict to effectively communicating with people who are so different they might as well be aliens, we’ve learned methods to make communication easier and smoother. We’ve spent years of our lives practicing and perfecting these techniques. (Well, we could call it living and talking a lot, but that sounds less impressive.)

We’d like to share what we’ve learned with you. Welcome to the Usual Error Project.

What next?

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